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Limited Liability Companies

Your New Company


Are you ready to setup your own company?

Check out our website specifically designed to minimise the hassle of doing so – Your New Company

We’ll need to meet just once in a place of your convenience. In case you don’t feel comfortable sharing information online, call us, we will set up a longer meeting to gather all information. But you can trust us – we will make it as pain free as possible!

Accounting payroll and taxes


Take care of your business and let us take care of all these things that consume your time and do not generate income: accounting, payroll and taxes.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping (double-entry accounting, revenue and expense ledger, flat-rate tax)
  • Preparation and postage of PIT, CIT & VAT declarations.
  • Preparation and postage of social security declarations.
  • Financial Statements preparation
  • Representation before the tax office and the national insurance.

Our services are grounded in best available IT solutions, both in terms of software we use as well as programs we develop such as our www interface allowing Estelligence clients to have easy online access to their accounts 24/7 via this very website. Using a login and a secured encrypted protocol you’ll have access to your accounting information.

Our accountants are in constant contact with tax advisors in order to minimize your tax burden whilst ensuring full compliance with the current legal requirements.

Representation before the authorities


If you do not feel comfortable dealing with administration offices, our offer is just for you. We will always represent you before the tax authorities, social security, the statistical office and all others.

EU funds


In the years 2007-2013 Poland was the biggest beneficiary of EU funds. As part of the European Cohesion Policy and state funding – entrepreneurs and institutions in Poland were entitled to nearly 80 billion Euro.

Correct preparation of the EU forms and formularies can have crucial impact upon success of your application for funding. Amongst many experts on the market, Estelligence has considerable portfolio of experience, allowing us not only to assist you during the application process, but also guide you throughout it, and upon completion help you to fulfil conditions of funding and properly account for your expenses.

Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that accounting mistakes will not result in an obligation to refund obtained advanced payments or that your application for payment be rejected altogether.

Reporting according to Polish Regulations as well as International Accounting Standards


We prepare:

  • Financial Statements,
  • Consolidated Financial Statements,
  • Stock Exchange Reporting

We prepare conversion logbooks for your financial reports to meet the requirements of IAS. Estelligence is capable of assisting you in all issues related to the international accounting standards.

Accounting Support

  • We design and implement end of the month reporting, statutory reporting as well as management information system (IMS) reporting
  • We optimize existing procedures in order to facilitate faster and easier reporting
  • We offer support and consultancy services
  • We run tailored accounting workshops for your accounting staff



Our services include:

  • budgeting
  • development and implementation of management information systems tailored to your business
  • optimization of business procedures and processes.
  • preparation of internal procedures, process mapping, document circulation, authorization matrices.
  • internal audit (outsourcing/consorcing/advisory)
  • optimizing internal control systems
  • project management (including consolidation management – planning, ongoing monitoring and reporting)


  • Review of business contracts and advisory on contract preparation
  • Choice of optimal financing sources
  • Business plans
  • Business strategy development