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Consulting services

Our consulting services include:

  • accounting consultancy and legal counselling for company mergers and other activities,
  • budgeting, development and implementation of management information systems tailored to the organisation’s needs,
  • consulting for IT system implementation,
  • sorting out and optimising business processes,
  • developing internal procedures, document circulation, authorisation matrices, process maps,
  • internal audit and optimisation of the internal audit system,
  • business analyses of contracts, consultations for drawing up contracts,
  • choosing optimal sources of finances.

We also participate in due diligence reviews and examinations of companies for the purposes of M&A processes.

In terms of tax advisory services, we can provide highly comprehensive support for our clients. Aside of ongoing support in performing the company’s day-to-day financial and tax duties, it also includes e.g. help in obtaining binding interpretations of the law and tax audits.

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