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Human resources and payroll services

Our clients include both small entities and large international companies. We are the ones to liaise with ZUS, the Labour Inspectorate, PFRON, tax offices or GUS and we are the ones who represent the client during PIP inspections and support them in implementing post-inspection orders.

Under payroll services, we:

  • carry out full monthly payroll calculations pursuant to the current provisions of the law and the client’s internal regulations,
  • prepare documentation and settlements for ZUS, PIT 4, PFRON,
  • prepare files for transfers,
  • prepare certificates of remuneration,
  • account for work time (overtime) and absences,
  • keep records of employee personal data,
  • prepare payroll reports pursuant to a template agreed with the client,
  • determine the amounts of severance pay, compensation and equivalents,
  • calculate receivables for members of the management board,
  • prepare remuneration transfers to employee, tax and creditor bank accounts,
  • represent clients during ZUS audits, etc. and support in implementing post-audit orders.

We also prepare:

  • annual tax returns and PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-4R, PIT-8R, PIT-8C statements.
  • annual IMIR reports (formerly RMUA),
  • reporting statements for GUS.

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