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More ease. More of your business

Instead of organising and managing accounting, human or tax resources and keeping up with regulatory changes, our clients focus on their own business and its development. We focus on providing them with that comfort. Each and every day. Just like that.

Bothersome correspondence with the regulatory authority, liaising with tax offices, assessment of VAT, audits, hundreds of journal entries, settlement of remuneration, holiday leaves and provisions – all of this is a stressful and unwanted challenge for you, but bread and butter for us. We have already had hands-on experience with all possible problems.


Large team. Comprehensive support

We provide you with you our team’s 650 years of accumulated experience and skills. This experience allows us to work more effectively and you rest easy that you are in good hands.
Only a large team guarantees the necessary flexibility. The needs of every client are different and often go beyond the matters of accounting, tax or payroll settlements. In such situations we are able provide our clients with the comprehensive support they expect.


Technology. More security

Aside of expert knowledge, each of our projects also requires technological support. We invest in reliable tools that aid us in the continuing improvement of our effectiveness. It is security however that remains of key importance to us. Our internal procedures, our own fully-controlled database servers and modern IT infrastructure with restrictive access authorisation policy and daily information archiving mean that your data and documents are safe with us and under constant protection.


A history of good cooperation

For us, the quality of our service is also the quality of the relationship that we have with our clients. We have often been building these non-stop for several years. Our role remains the same for both small and larger entities. We are a centre of skills and a credible organisation providing sought-after support, thus making us a permanent component of the pursued activity. Yes, effective communication and partnership are key for us.


Working with no routine. We are ready for new challenges

Changes are good. Changes are inevitable. They tend to become a test for you as they do for us. Fortunately, we do not fall into a routine when performing our duties – we put noticeable effort into getting to know the businesses of our clients and eagerly participate in their development and internal transformations. We support these processes in terms of financial system integration, management data analysis or as part of specific consulting projects.

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