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83 experts

in finances and taxes make one promise only – a maximum of internal cooperation with outmost commitment and support for our clients

3 million decisions

in accounting we make annually – these are exactly the decisions our clients don’t have to bother with

10 managers

lead our teams, letting our most experienced people take part in every project run by us

100% transparency

guaranteed by our IT solutions, we offer 24/7 access to all information

150 interactions

with tax offices we undertake monthly on behalf of our clients

3 meetings

suffice to start working with us – besides, our standard contract has just as many pages

6 servers

store the databases of our clients, backups of this data are created in three different places every day

100 million budget

for remunerations is what we settle annually as part of the payroll support we offer

15 days

it normally takes to commence services for a new client, together with a review of previously employed practices and solutions


unnecessary interactions – although we value the opportunity to liaise with our clients, we value their time even more and we do not ask unnecessary questions


that’s how much our largest clients grew during their time working with us, and we were with them for better or for worse

40 000 cups

of coffee drunk per year may have contributed to keeping up our everyday enthusiasm and energy

Our pillars

Partnership programme
Supervisory board

Estelligence Sp. z o.o.
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