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VAT compliance

As ever growing number of overseas clients is keen to open their businesses in Poland we provide them with our well established services for full local VAT compliance. With respect thereto we support our client with:

  • identifying the need to register for VAT purposes in Poland,
  • VAT registration, and
  • VAT ongoing settlements, as well as

archiving VAT records and documentation. In the name of our clients we deal with all formalities related to VAT registration and obtaining VAT number from local tax authorities.

As part of our ongoing services we review clients’ VAT documentation, suggest the required changes and prepare monthly VAT declarations to ensure foreign client’s full compliance with all VAT regulations.

All VAT compliance services are carried out by our separate internal business unit to deal with close to two thousand VAT tax declarations already being processed monthly. Unit specific operational procedures have been implemented to live up to data intensive and time critical nature of the services in this field.

The detailed Terms and Conditions for this service can be found here.

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